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Welcome my friends to Episode 9 of the Confessions of a Dreamer. I am profoundly grateful for your time. I invite you to listen to the full episode today.

Inspired by Paulo Coelho, “I open my heart to the Universe and ask God to provide me the inspiration I need.” Through faith, I decided to dream big. Through focus, visualization, along with remaining positive, I am able to sharpen my clarity. I simply act and do my best each day and let go of the results allowing God to worry about the outcomes. I release my expectations and trust my creativity is my greatest power. My goal is to create value along with inspiration to the world.

I trust we are all powerful. We all have the minds which can generate miracles. We all have the minds to create anything and everything we desire. We all have the key to our dreams. Unfortunately, some misplaced their key somewhere and stopped looking for it. Searching for that lost key is hard. It may be risky. You might be scared of what you must go through to find it. Yet, I love the pursuit. I live by the motto, “what if.” I tell myself, what if someone reads, “Rambling Across America” loves it, share it then suddenly it takes off around the world. What if someone listens to Tommy Ray Music? What if it inspires them to dream big and listen to their heart? I would rather pursue the “what ifs” than be at an older age with regrets. Regrets kills your soul.

I challenge you to try something different today. Even something as simple as choosing a different route home from work. Walk backwards to watch the world from a new perspective. Learn how to break down barriers. Untangle your knots. Trust in yourself. Have faith in God that He will guide you properly.

I have faith in you. There is magic in your life. Your plan may not happen overnight. It may take years, but so be it. Just try. I was cut from the basketball team my 6th – 11th grade years, and finally made the team my senior year. No one gave me an opportunity to play in college, but then I landed a division one graduate assistant position where at least I got to practice almost every day with the team.

Walk through the closed doors, no matter how scary it may seem. Simply imagine. You never know unless you try. Though I may never do it again, I jumped from a plane at 13,500 because I had a $10 coupon. But I found out myself if I loved or hated it. Be the best version of yourself. Always remember, anything is possible. Believe in yourself. Have an open heart. The time is now. 

Life is a journey. All of our destinations will be death. Until then, desire to be adventurous. Use your life to create inspiration and value to others. Have faith. I hopefully can leave a message of I desire to inspire the world to listen to their hearts, trust their instincts, and chase all dreams no matter how big or who tells you no you cannot. I believe there are plenty of opportunities for everyone. There is enough for all. I am asking you to ACT! Advance your life. Create a wonderful life for yourself and others. You have great power. Be the best version of yourself. So, what will you do?

Trust in your ability. Aim for the stars. Every day you have the choice to make it a day closer to your dreams or take a step backwards. I have faith as you check off your goals, your desires will become truth. Your dreams will become reality. “Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.”—Unknown

At times, you may have doubts. Reassure yourself you are good enough. Maintain confidence in your abilities. You can achieve anything and everything. Simply do your best on each task each day. Continue to have unwavering faith.

Live life with love, creativity, and imagination. Be a light, illuminate it brightly, be seen from the darkest sky. Imagine yourself covered in body armor. You are protected. Utilize your inner strength.

We all come from different backgrounds. Many have had unimaginable odds against them. But, if you look closely, someone worse off had attracted and obtained success. Be willing to be homeless chasing your dreams rather than working a day job you hate going to. Find a way through the darkness to your personal light. Feel it in your bones. Make the choice to overcome your fears. Take that leap of faith. Begin with baby steps if you must. Or, simply jump from that airplane and go for it. Choose to see the things which do not exist yet. Pay attention to your heart and instincts. Trust me, they shall steer you right. I believe you have greatness within you. Say to yourself, “the world belongs to me.” Make the choice to change your life. You are only here for a short time. We never know our last breath. Do not waste it. If you fail, get up and keep working on yourself.

“Our world, our life is a place of mystery, light, and magic; simply open your eyes.”—Dan Millman

“When you know what you want, and want it bad enough, you will find a way to get it.”—Jim Rohn

To all who have desired to accomplish something but decided to bury it, I simply say; “Just Start.” Ask yourself what makes you happy. Then do that every day even if only for 5 – 10 minutes. The next thing you notice, you might be doing it daily for a wealth you could only have dreamed about. Keep dreaming. There are no limits. Continue to believe in yourself. Live your life like you could not fail.

Thank you for watching the “Confessions of a Dreamer” Episode 9. I am grateful. I ask you to discover Tommy Ray Books and Tommy Ray Music on all of your favorite digital platforms.

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Welcome my friends to Episode 9 of the Confessions of a Dreamer. I am profoundly grateful for your time. I invite you to listen to the full episode today.


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