Don’t Look Back


Disillusioned with the daily grind of chasing the “American Dream,” Tommy chooses a new option.

Leaving Glasgow with a weighty pack on his back and rain falling upon his head, he treks into the Scottish countryside, often doused with Highlands showers, climbing mountains, camping by Lochs, and rising to the challenges a solo traveler must confront.

"Rambling Across America” is about manifesting your dreams into reality.

The moment he opens his eyes, the nightmare begins… When the man wakes up surrounded by a dark and unfamiliar forest, he can't help the terror from invading his mind. Forced to take refuge in a broken-down house, he thought he could escape the chilling panic. He was wrong…

This short story is the first in a series, "Amid the Blackness," of suspenseful tales that will appeal to those who enjoy the darker episodes of The Twilight Zone or Black Mirror

The myth of the werewolf is as vintage as the man himself. Discover the journey of Judith and Tommy as they desire to harness the power of the beast. They must use every bit of courage to accomplish their goals. See how one-night changes everything.