Don’t Look Back


Tommy Ray, born in rural Mississippi, grew up with a desire to author books, compose and sing songs, and explore the world. And so, he has. He followed that red dusty dirt road from rural Mississippi to chase his creative voice.

Tommy Ray created Tommy Ray Entertainment. Tommy always had a voice inside of him telling him to live his life through creativity. For many years he ignored the voice to follow other endeavors, but the voice was always there and increasing in volume.

As Tommy loves to travel, write, compose songs and perform them he decided that the artist’s way was the one in which `he desired to spend his life.

The focus of Tommy Ray Entertainment is to deliver inspiration along with value through various media outlets, (books, music, YouTube).

He desires all to leave their mark, do not take this life for granted, as well as never give up on their dreams. The goal is to assist the world in listening to their hearts along with trusting their instincts. To take a leap of faith.