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Tommy Ray


I welcome you to a new episode of “Confessions of a Dreamer,” I am profoundly grateful for you spending the time to listen/read to/my message which I hope creates value to you. I hope you enjoy “Episode 11.”

I am coming to you today to not be afraid of stigmas and of personal fear. I recently had a major anxiety and panic attack which led me losing a $160,000 a year job in a field that created almost $200,000 in debt due to school loans. I now sit here with an unknown future. My instincts and wishes are to continue to pursue my dreams of becoming a full-time author, (Amazon, B&N, KOBO, Apple, etc.). However, to accomplish this goal, I do require people from all over the world finding value in my recordings/books/short stories/music/YouTube channel.

Until that support is present in reality, I shall seek opportunities to stay afloat which allows me to continue my dream of travel writing, recording music and YouTube channel videos. I desire to inspire the world. I want to be a torch which illuminates the Universe.

One major theme, our current time is the age of uncertainty. Emotions have been upset along with nervous instability. We are being saturated with fear, frustration, and insecurity. However, always remember, we have unlimited power. We can make life good and filled with abundance. We simply have to believe all things are possible. We are free to determine our destiny, free to discover the source of our being, and the immensity of our power.

The question now becomes, where do we go from here? Or, what’s next? When I browse through YouTube, it appears it’s the Secret or the Law of Attraction. Is it? I have chased the carrot myself since 2014. I do believe in positive affirmations, persistence, along with patience. I also believe in one other important aspect which receives a lot of views. That is something that never sleeps, is constantly active, with untold reservoirs with an infinite capacity and power. This is the Subconscious Mind. The Subconscious Mind is the most powerful creative instrument in the Universe. The best thing is it exists in every man! The key is to understand how to utilize its powers to enable us to succeed in our life to obtain our dreams, desires, and goals.

I have watched many of YouTube videos stating this is where the negative thoughts are which we carry out into our reality. If we have thoughts of sickness and poverty in our subconscious minds, then we will have those become our realities. Is this where the gurus have created the field of laws of attraction and motivation? This field started back at least in the 1960’s maybe even earlier and carry on today making some multi-millionaires. I myself have read their books, watched their videos, and follow their plans attempting to change my life in order to live the life of my dreams. I’ve attempted to listen to positive affirmations as I sleep or drive to work and fight the off the negative self-talk. Has it worked? Maybe, maybe not. I am not a millionaire. I still owe a lot of money in debt. No one is reading my books or listening to my music on Amazon as I strive towards my passion and follow my heart.

It is told if you have the deep inner thoughts of scarcity, you will always be poor. If you have the deep census, there is too much sickness in the world then you will be sick. The same goes for being alone, among a million of others.

I have recently had a major mental backstep personally where I lost my job. I am in counseling. As I view YouTube now, I am observing these videos in a new light. They are all basically saying the same message that the older gurus said back in the earlier days with their little twist or their new music/technology. I am questioning if I am chasing a carrot instead of making progress with these techniques. Do not get me wrong. I am continuing my goals of writing books, music, these “Confessions of a Dreamer” videos, travel the world when able and striving for financial freedom and location independence. The question is, when I succeed, (positive, optimistic thinking), is it due to simple old fashion hard work or because I continued to follow the laws of attraction?
I believe the gurus want us to think we cannot be successful with a subconscious mind that continues convincing us that everyone is better than us, that we are worthless. To them, the Subconscious Mind is the great creator, and it creates exactly what it is prompted to create. Are they correct?

Here is the dilemma. I have had multiple times in my life I have asked for an event to occur in my life, which manifested into reality. When I was a child, I wanted to record an album and perform as an actor in a TV commercial. When I was a freshman in college, I desired to be an athletic trainer at the Olympics and in grad school I wanted to be an intern in the NFL. In 1999, I was a principle, actor in a Saturn Cars TV commercial in Beverly Hills California then an athletic trainer intern for the Miami Dolphins. In 2002, I was on the medical staff of the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah. In 2015, I recorded my first album, “Crossroads.”

No matter what you think, believe, or combination of the two. I believe you can accomplish your dream life on your own if you choose to. I did not begin listening to the gurus until 2014. I believe nothing is impossible to the mind of man. With that said, some may say they are not strong enough. Just like some can strength train on their own and reach their goals and other require the need of a personal trainer. If I had the extra cash, I would probably hire a personal trainer as well. I mean if I could, I would have a personal chef too. So, I am not putting any negativity towards anyone who continues to listen, watch, or spend money on books, classes, lectures, seminars searching for ways for a better life. I may continue from time to time myself to seek new knowledge or wisdom, who knows. Marcus Aurelius stated, “Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.”

Moving forward, let us not worry about our past and definitely not our future. Let us concentrate on one thing, our inner spirit.

I personally believe there is no limitations or lack. I have simply not figured out the way yet to reach my goals, dreams, or desires. However, through the power of creative energy I shall or at least will continue to attempt until my last breath. Some on this earth are much better at it than others. What if thought plus conviction equals manifestation? Once again, the carrot reappears in front of my face to walk down the gurus’ path of enlightenment to believe in the laws of attraction and the Secret to obtain my dream life.

As I or we continue to battle. One thing I will continue to grasp onto, unwavering faith. We have all been told through stories how “faith can move mountains,” or “as ye believe, so shall it be done unto you.” There are numerous published books and movies based on the subject matter. Were my accomplishments a mere coincidence or was it because I had faith among other attributes?

Do you feel insignificant? Do you feel you were created to exist without cause, without reason, without a destiny, or without power? I believe inside you there is a small voice which rebels those thoughts. I trust there is power far greater than you and which you can use to create a fulfilling life.

The question I arise to you is do you believe there is a power within you which can expand your life to new and exciting horizons? Are you ready to embark upon great adventures?

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